Melinda Coker

Melinda has been a life long consumer of health information. Even though she has put her family on a variety of diets, supplements and exercise programs over the years, they have learned to accept that. 

In 2007 after a close friend died of pancreatic cancer at the 'young' age of fifty-seven, she decided to stop "shopping" around for the newest heath craze and began doing extensive research on the prevention of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and strokes.  She has attended workshops, read books and medical journals and figured out the best course of action for healthy living and the prevention of many of those lifestyle diseases.  No longer switching from diet to diet or plan to plan, she has continued to dig deeper into the medical literature in support of her findings.

Melinda is a speaker, a health coach and an author.  Her books include Diet & Cancer: Is There a Connection, Coco's Healthy Cooking and Quick & Easy Dinners for Frazzled Moms and Dads

Because heart disease is the #1 cause of death in the world and too many friends and acquaintances have suffered (or died) from it, Melinda has now decided to put her energy into the prevention of heart disease.

Heart Disease is a choice and it is preventable.

Too often, I hear, "It's just my genetics," and I can't really do anything about it.  That is not true.

Download the FREE report to learn about the risk factors for this insidious disease. It can come on slowly without symptoms and might kill you before you realize you even have it.